Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today i'm on leave. on 'emcee' xtually.. i'm not feeling really well.. the Laziness is all around me..it’s probably because that something seems boring to me.. i tend to rest b4 i get tired... i'm not having any drive or ambition to accomplish anything..i keep on reading blogs (diz is wat i really luv rite now)  instead of doing what i'm supposed to be doing.. i'm not productive anymore.. i'm get tired of thinking on wat i'm supposed to think.. if b4 dis i luv to gado2 wif my luvly hubby.. skrg da malas. da malas nak betekak.. me n him mmg suke discuss smp betekak bout everytg.. since kitorg study lg..thats the idea tuk cergaskn otak weolls.. he keep on finding ways to motivate me.. Cian dier tepakse besusah payah tuk reurn back my moOd~

The root cause of this to be happened is because of i am really tired wif my current job. Damn tired! totally bored with it! everyday i need to force myself to go to the ofis.. i am not happy working there anymore! i dont have any passion to work.. bile da x ikhlas g keje ni yg susah nih.. mcm tepakse jerk.. But i will keep on praying semoga rezeki dat i have got everymonth sentiasa diberkati Allah.. wlpn da busan ngn keje aku x mkn gaji booter k. I still do my dailyjob wlpn dlm keadaan yg sungguh menyesakkan.. Huhuu.. Cian aku kn..

sume pics diatas adalah ihsan incik google

I need to move on to something more exciting.. i need a break. i really need a vacation!! Beb jom lar g jenjalan ke mane2!!!~

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